Saturday, 21 August 2010

Night Falls & Things Start to get Weird..See below for Details....

Clench The Butler seen through his own Lightshow.

A British Businessman carrying a Patriotic Bulldog Shopping Bag. Is he trying to sell her Insurance?
The Sheep Woman knitting from Her Tiny Flock in a little piece of England.

As tropical night falls on the Seed Cathedral and its "Urban Park" unusual inhabitants appear from the shadows: a Gentleman doffs his bowler to visitors to this British Outpost; a voluptuous waxwork suddenly and rather surprisingly comes to life; an unctious elderly butler appears at entrances and exits with words of greeting and comfort and a toilet roll (in case of emergency). A womanly ovine - or a sheepish woman - sits knitting with wool from her miniature flock, whose bucolic baa-ing fills the night...

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