Sunday, 5 September 2010

That's All Folks...

As a farewell performance at the UK Pavilion, Fine Artistes managed to secure the services of a very famous man...

Mr Harry Hare, at 111 years old Britain's oldest man, paid a VIP visit to the Seed Cathedral to greet delighted local visitors. "What are all these foreigners doing here?" he quipped merrily, a twinkle in his eye.

Doctor Burke, his medical expert explains "The old chuff thinks he's in Brighton".

A jolly conclusion to our oriental escapade. Thanks for having us,Tania, and all the team at the UK Pavilion.
Click on this link for a slideshow of work done in China

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Getting Near the End

Towelling off the tropical rain, I feel this may be a moment to celebrate our month's work at Expo. By my quick calculation we've performed on 20 days so far (another two to go); one was lost to a "Day of National Mourning". I'm proud to say that we adapted and invented, and lost no days to bad weather (which drove other performers indoors!).
Our work has been creative and varied: 20 separate scenarios so far, of which no less than 12 are completely unique to Expo. We've performed singly, in pairs, trios and all together: all scenarios have consistently engaged members of the public, and we're particularly happy to have have found ways to either circumvent or obliquely include the "photohunger" of our Chinese audiences.Although we expected the heat and the humidity the actuality came as somewhat of a shock: some of our ideas had to be mothballed: this, I feel, drove us to greater inventiveness -
Ric Jerrom, on behalf of Haf Morgan, Rose Popay and Neil Hornick..Fine Artistes