Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Victorian Photographer Distributes Moustaches

The visit to Shanghai by members of the British Victorian Photo Booth Society occasioned the handing out of moustaches on sticks to lucky visitors who couldn't wait to try out the black appendages on their own faces.
Someone thought that the UK Pavilion reminded one of a well-trimmed toothbrush moustache...

Right - Fine Artiste Fotographer "Francine O'Flaherty" finds physiognomical felicity with the addition of some well-placed face-fungus: the photo - portrait re-invented!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Krikitai Chi - Teaching Cricket to the Chinese

It's not all work and play at the UK Pavilion. Sometimes spiritual needs must be met. Hence the appearance of Captain N.H.Googly, Krikitai Chi Grandmaster, here instructing visiting students in the subtle arts of...(from the top)

1. The Shanghai Grip - a deadly force, not to be used casually at spectator events.

2. The Fielder's Run - not too fast, as fulfilment lies in the pursuit rather than the capture.

3. The Catching-the-Ball Manoeuvre - for advanced 'Scarlet Wicket' practitioners

Friday, 27 August 2010

British Poets woo Chinese Listeners at Expo

Four of Britain's best loved modern poets from the UK Touring Circuit gave public readings of their work to the visitors at the Shanghai Expo. As you can see, the Chinese were entralled by the lyricism and beauty of the works presented.
Have a look at the youtube slideshow of work in Shanghai

Monday, 23 August 2010

We take the evening off as Chaz from the LSUA arrives

In stark contrast to the Modern British Movement works, the enigmatic artist and animateur known only as "Chaz" made a rare appearance under cover of darkness, representing the London School of Unnecessary Art, and creating quite a stir (and a piece of no doubt Unnecessary Art, of course).

Brit Art - State of the Art or Art of the State?

Take a man wrapped in the Union Jack Umbrella wearing a matching tea cosy hat, put him near a group of Fine Artist(e)s, place them all in front of the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, and you have the recipe for some Great Britannic Art.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Night Falls & Things Start to get Weird..See below for Details....

Clench The Butler seen through his own Lightshow.

A British Businessman carrying a Patriotic Bulldog Shopping Bag. Is he trying to sell her Insurance?
The Sheep Woman knitting from Her Tiny Flock in a little piece of England.

As tropical night falls on the Seed Cathedral and its "Urban Park" unusual inhabitants appear from the shadows: a Gentleman doffs his bowler to visitors to this British Outpost; a voluptuous waxwork suddenly and rather surprisingly comes to life; an unctious elderly butler appears at entrances and exits with words of greeting and comfort and a toilet roll (in case of emergency). A womanly ovine - or a sheepish woman - sits knitting with wool from her miniature flock, whose bucolic baa-ing fills the night...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Miss Honeywagon, aka The Art Tart,Takes Expo by Storm

The British Pavilion was electrified today by a surprise visit of the Internationally renowned and universally loved celebrity icon Miss Honeywagon, aka The Art Tart, dropping in with her management and security team. Graciously signing autographs for some of her legion of fans, Miss H. found time to speak of her enthusiasm for the beauty and intelligence of the "Seed Cathedral": " I love you all", she quipped wittily " Is this Singapore?"
They couldn't get enough of her. Pictured here, she makes her triumphant progress around the UK Pavilion inside her security cordon.

Angelic Vision seen at Shanghai Expo

The hallowed grounds of the Seed Cathedral - a veritable Garden of Eden - are inhabited by Angelic beings whose inscrutable purposes can only be guessed at: are they, in their beauty, grace and poise, an example to ordinary humans allowed into The Garden. Or are they perhaps just Park-keepers of Paradise, preventing ballgames and licentiousness while grudgingly(but cherubically) picking up litter... ?

Thursday, 19 August 2010

News from the Extreme Weather Front

I'm writing this in my 10th floor room, window open on a tropical storm: the forkiest and most frequent lightning, the crashingest thunder I've ever experienced. The skyscraper half-built across the way obscure in a blinding puther of rain, the drops large as marbles, the whole sky roaring and the pitiful mewling far below of a hundred car alarms.Last time I experienced anything like this was, er, yesterday: on site, Expo; my team preparing to become angels, yes, angels, when our producers announced that the area was being closed due to the storm's force, and that the "Swank" performers - who had been cavorting before the public - might give up and go home. We old timers are made of sterner stuff, of course. Some minutes later 3 of the "Fine Artistes" appeared in the extremity of lightning, rain and thunder wearing black lycra leotards and daps (slip-on plimsolls, non-westcountrypersons) with, on our heads, union-jack mini-umbrella hats. We cha cha cha'd our elegant and graceful way through the downpour humming "Tea for Two" to the absolute incredulity of an audience of hundreds of sheltering Chinese, returning shortly afterwards to a sort-of-tango rhythm humming "Let's Face the Music and Dance". Flab in Lycra: inherently artistic, wouldn't you say? There's something joyous about being elderly and flagrant: Neil is 71, and looks like the Ancient Mariner, I'm 63 and really at least 2 stones overweight. Even Haf, our 3rd - and only female on this occasion - member is approaching 50 and complaining about middle-age-spread. Theatre can be so liberating....Ric Jerrom

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Fine Artist(e)s At Work!

The sublime loveliness of the Seed Cathedral was once more Drawn to our attention by the visit of three celebrated artists of the Modern British Movement. Percy Flage, Teresa Green and Miss Cherry vied with one another to capture the essence of this Beguiling British Basilica of Beauty as crowds of avid art lovers watched in wonder.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Chinese hounded by Giant Pooches?

British Bulldog types sniffing about in the UK Pavilion at Expo - don't worry, they're fully housetrained and love to be tickled all over....and with the thermometers at over 4Oc they are two very hot dogs.Today was the hottest day this year in Shanghai - it hit 43c according to our sweaty correspondent.
Spare a thought for our intrepid performers.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day Three and it's turned out nice again...

And it was hotter than before: so hot, punters were sheltering from the heat in the subway stations; so hot that the thermometer in the shaded queueing shed where cool water is misted over the lines of patient punters said 40C...
Rose became Miss Cherry, Ric and Haf the Yellow People, and of course Neil chose, what else for a baking day, a dinner suit! Mad dogs and Englishmen...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Arrival....News from inside the Pressure Cooker

Once more, in cruel heat and improbable humidity, Fine Artistes proudly flew the Flag for Art and Blighty at the British Pavilion,Shanghai Expo. As the temperature crawled towards 40C Vincent photographed "his" lovely wife Verandah all around the Seed Cathedral against a backdrop of seething hordes of perspiring Visitors Of All Nations as Roger and Neil attempted to erect a Very Important Canvas Construction in the British Urban Park hampered only by the attentions of the Young People Of China.....Ric Jerrom

Fine Artistes on this oriental escapade are Rose Popay, Haf Morgan, Neil Hornick and Ric Jerrom.
More news to come....